The Jewelry Buyer specializes in buying gold ….chains, ring, dental gold, ect.  Any gold, any condition. We also specialize in the purchase of Old Pocket Watches... running or not running. If you have an item that you would like to sell you can bring it in for a free evaluation.
  • The Jewelry Buyer specializes in buying Gold.
  • Right now gold is at its highest in over 20 years.
  • This is probably the best time to sell your gold
  • We will buy it all... rings, dental gold...

You have seen lots of TV commercials telling you to mail in your gold and promising you a 'fair' price. You have also seen numerous news stories from 20/20, Dateline and others that many of these companies claim that customers' gold "was never received" or that the customers are receiving checks ranging from $2.00 to $25.00. There are also many 'traveling' gold buyers that set up in fancy hotel rooms promising you prices they have no intention of honoring.

This is absolutely ridiculous!

At The Jewelry Buyer you will be made a 'cash offer' that you can accept, shop around or walk away from with NO RISK of your gold getting "lost" in the mail. If you choose to sell your gold, you will be paid cash immediately.

Licensed by The City Of Portland and The Portland Police Department.

"I just had the pleasure of selling some old gold jewelry to this establishment. They were very friendly and bought my old jewelry I never wear anymore for a great price; much better than mailing it to an online site!"

Michael Jhon
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